Choosing In Home Pet Care


No trying to haul an anxious animal into the car or waiting in a busy lobby full of sick or injured animals.

Plan veterinary care around YOUR schedule.

Well Patient Care

Avoid exposing your well pet to the sick pets waiting at the veterinary hospital

Decrease exposure to Parvo, Kennel Cough, Feline Upper Respiratory Infection etc.

Multiple Pet Households

Get all of your pets' basic medical needs taken care of at one time without having to try to get

them all into the car or make multiple trips to the veterinary hospital

Elderly/Mobility Impaired

Pet or pet parent - no need to find someone to help get you or your pet to the veterinary clinic

Have the vet come to you!

Hospice Care

Pain management and quality of life evaluation without having to move an ill or senior pet from the comfort of home

In-Home Euthanasia

You can have your loving companion humanely euthanized at home, under their favorite tree, in their own bed

~Wherever they are most comfortable and peaceful~