Cost Estimate


Estimates are available upon request. In general - fees are competitive with regular veterinary clinics with the addition of a service fee of $95 which covers the time and gas to get to and from your home or place of business. The service fee is charged per visit, not per pet, and covers the Reno/Sparks area - additional charges apply if you live outside that area. After that - the fees are similar to those found at other daytime practices. The exam fee is $70 to $95 per pet depending on what kind of visit is needed.  If the appointment goes over the time allotted for the appointment, there is a $40 fee for each additional half hour. Most pet insurance covers visits from house-call veterinarians - so if your pet has insurance - that can likely be used to help cover the cost of the veterinary services. For more information please contact your pet insurance company for rates/benefits. Fees for the most common services can be found below. If you would like a more precise estimate - please contact Vet To Pet at (775) 338-8500.

While we are pleased to give brief information or advice over the phone, please understand that phone consultations lasting for more than 10 minutes will incur a fee of $40. This allows the doctors to devote the time needed to address your questions and concerns. Please schedule an appointment if you feel you need more than 10 minutes of phone time, or understand that you will receive an invoice for the time spent on the phone.


Service Fee

For Reno/Sparks = $95

Outlying areas additional depending on distance - please call for an estimate

Common Services

Exam = $70 - $95

Dog vaccines = $70 exam plus $25-$130 depending on what vaccines are needed

Cat vaccines = $70 exam plus $25- $160 depending on what vaccines are needed

(Please note Nevada State Law REQUIRES an exam prior to vaccine administration)

Quality of life/Hospice evaluation = $85 (includes exam)

Euthanasia = $235-$350+ depending on weight (this includes the service (trip) fee)

Care of Remains is calculated based on what you would like to have done for your pet and varies based on the weight of your pet. Options include cremation with ashes returned, cremation with ashes scattered and standard care of remains (burial) with prices ranging from $60 to $340 - please call the office for an estimate.  Our service also offers a clay paw print ($90) with the two cremation options and an engraved brass plaque starting at $50 for the cremation with ashes returned.

After Hours /Weekend Fee = $125 (last regular hours appointment is scheduled no later than 1:00pm, Noon on Wednesdays - though occasionally we have regular hours availability later in the afternoons during the week - depending on what after school activities are scheduled).

Same Day/Urgent Care = $90